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Founded in 1995, LifeTronic Medical Systems Sdn Bhd established itself as a medical products distributor in Malaysia and the international healthcare communities. Since then, we have created a powerful platform for growth that is at the heart of the company. This platform consists of our Nihon Kohden brand name products, our integration and ancillary services, and the skills and accumulated knowledge of our people.

At LifeTronic Medical Systems, we are committed to the highest level of quality, integrity and professionalism when it comes to our products, services and people. We support these initiatives with a long-term commitment that provides a unifying framework, putting our customer at the heart of everything we do. We achieve this by creating a dynamic and exciting environment for our people and ensuring that they are given all the right tools to make it happen.
Today, LifeTronic Medical Systems is composed of the two interrelated divisions that provide the highest quality of medical systems in Malaysia

Commitment professionalism and integrity. These represent more than just words to us at LifeTronic Medical. Instead they signify a way of life. At LifeTronic Medical we concentrate on identifying technologically advanced medical and healthcare products from established manufacturers around the world. And upon identification, LifeTronic Medical adds further value to these products by marketing and providing essential technical back-up and application support of the highest level.
Striving constantly to maintain outstanding long-term relationship with our clients, we believe that by creating a working relationship which promotes confidence and trust, our customer’s investment will not only be productive and efficient but secure.

The belief is further supported by virtue of LifeTronic Medical careful examination of the technology involved in the production of each piece of equipment we endorse.

We ensure that the product is appropriate to our customer’s needs and specifications, always mindful of local market requirements.

Furthermore, in maintaining a high level of excellence in business and product marketing, LifeTronic Medical ensures that every product distributed meets not only local safety standards but also internationally accepted codes of safety along with good manufacturing practices, such as FDA, IEC, ISO and VL recommendations.

The motivation which lies behind LifeTronic Medical dynamic driving force is the principle that the “Customer is the basis of our existence”. Therefore by directing our energies towards product quality and customer satisfaction, we will not only achieve, but also maintain a standard of unparalleled excellence within the medical and healthcare industry.


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