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Spacer Also known as Valved Holding Chamber (VHC) Spacers are designed to assist with metered dose inhalers (MDI), and aim to improve inhaler technique by increasing the amount of medication that is inhaled. Such devices are particularly useful for: Patients with poor inhalation technique Children Patients requiring higher doses Sufferers of nocturnal asthma Patients prone … Continue reading

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Tri Flow

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Medix nebulisers are heavy duty devices aimed at clinic use AirMed devices for domestic use and for travelling Nebulisers are medical devices that create an aerosol mist from a liquid medication, suitable for inhalation. Nebulisers are used when portable inhalers are not suitable. Unlike the portable inhalers, the process of nebulisation delivers medication over a … Continue reading

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Peak Flow Meter

In-Check Nasal Portable inspiratory flow meter The In-Check Nasal is a portable inspiratory flow meter, which measures nasal passage obstruction; this helps to indicate whether the patient is suffering from allergic rhinitis, which causes discomfort to sufferers. The device uses a simple measurement of how quickly the air can move through the nose when inhaling … Continue reading

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