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Medix nebulisers are heavy duty devices aimed at clinic use

AirMed devices for domestic use and for travelling

Nebulisers are medical devices that create an aerosol mist from a liquid medication, suitable for inhalation. Nebulisers are used when portable inhalers are not suitable. Unlike the portable inhalers, the process of nebulisation delivers medication over a series of inhalations sometimes taking ten minutes or so.

A variety of technologies exist for creating the mist but the most common is the use of an air compressor and a jet nebuliser chamber, which delivers a gentle fine mist of medication via either a face mask or mouthpiece.

CCI manufacture Medix nebulisers which are heavy duty devices aimed at clinic use or for delivery of viscous materials. CCI also offer AirMed devices that are suitable for general domestic use and for travelling.

Register your Nebuliser Guarantee Online

Once you have submitted the Guarantee Registration Form, your nebuliser will be under Guarantee for 3 years (NB excluding the Airmed range which comes with a 2 year Guarantee). For conditions of the guarantee, please refer to your operation instructions.

Repairs and Servicing

To ensure your 3 year guarantee is valid, it is compulsory that you service your nebuliser annually. For more information please click here.

Medix Nebulisers
Airmed Nebulisers

Lifecare Disposable

Medix range

The power to deliver

Medix nebulisers are manufactured in UK using high quality, heavy duty components to permit continuous running in a busy clinic situation.

The high output of Medix nebulisers means that they can be used successfully with a wide range of jet nebuliser chambers. Lower output compressors will require the use of a high efficiency jet nebuliser in order to obtain successful delivery.

CCI manufactures its own Lifecare range of nebuliser disposables; jet chambers, masks and tubes – which are appropriate for use with Medix nebulisers.


Continuously rated

This reliable nebuliser offers a high flow solution that is suitable for nebulising all commonly prescribed medications for chronic and acute chest conditions.

Continuously rated and designed with a storage compartment for drugs, mask and accessories. This Medix model is easy to use making it an ideal home nebuliser for young children and the elderly.

Comes complete with a starter pack.

Medic AC2000

Medix Econoneb

Cool running compressor

Continuously rated, making the Econoneb a cool running compressor for demanding use. A reliable unit that is ideal for meeting the challenges of both the hospital and the clinic.

The Econoneb has a high flow rate which is suitable for nebulising bronchodialators (relivers), corticosteroids (preventers) and antibiotics. The Econoneb comes complete with a starter pack, ready for immediate use.

Turboneb 2

Highest flow rate, suitable for hospital use

The Turboneb 2 has the highest flow rate of all of the Clement Clarke Nebulisers; ensuring fast and efficient drug delivery.

It is continuously rated, making it a cool running nebuliser for demanding use, such as in a multi-patient ward environment. The Turboneb 2 offers a customised solutions for all patients requiring inhaled drug therapy.

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